Rear Disc Brake Pad Kit

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You bought your Toyota for performance, safety and reliability. Brake performance is a key part of the legendary Toyota braking design. Toyota brakes balance braking power, quiet performance, and durability. Genuine Toyota brake pads 0446617100 are the best brake pads for maintaining balanced Toyota vehicle performance. So, stop shopping for semi-metallic brake pads and ceramic brake pads and trust Toyota pad construction. A visual check is the best way to know when you need brake pad replacement. So, check your pads often to see if replacement is needed. And inspect and replace worn parts immediately if you hear grinding noises when applying the brakes. Your owner's manual provides more information on how to check brake pads. So, inspect your vehicle regularly and replace your brake rotors and pads with Genuine Toyota Parts when needed. And consult your owner's manual for Toyota inspection standards. And when changing your brake pads, inspect your entire braking system.  And buy Genuine Toyota Brake Rotors, Genuine Toyota Brake Calipers, Genuine Toyota Brake Lines, Genuine Toyota Brake Fluid.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 04466-17080
Part Number 04466-17100

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